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Where do you want to be with your health in ten years? In fifty? Do you want help getting there?

Christopher Maloney, N.D.

I am currently on leave until May 2016. My patients should contact me if they have difficulty locating another N.D. Until May, you can read my books.

Please call (207) 623-1681 or email docmaloneynd@gmail.com to set up an appointment (calendar here). I prefer emails.

  • Do you have any idea how to get there?

Is your current doctor sitting down with you for two hours, making sure you are healthy ten years from now? Does she work with tests, look at drug trends, and create a life plan for health and well being?

  • Have you made retirement plans without making a health plan?

Is your current health plan sort of a hope-and-pray approach? How well do you know your own body and what to expect?

  • Your health is your most important investment. Maybe it’s time to start looking at the long term.

My fax for medical records is: (253) 369-9792.

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Dr. Christopher Maloney is a licensed Maine Naturopathic Doctor. Maloney Medical 4 Drew Street, Augusta ME 04330 Now accepting paypal payments and credit cards.

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