How Much? | Charges

I work for people, and charge based on what I need to live and what my patients have told me is fair. For similar services, I know other doctors charge between four and five hundred dollars for visits similar to those that I provide. 

I charge $180 for a first two hour visit.   Follow-up visits are $120 for an hour and twenty minutes. After the first family member, every other family member can be seen for $120 for a first visit because I want to treat every patient’s loved ones. I also offer brief visits for $60 if all you need is to check-in and get refills.

Supplements and labs are extra, but I do not sell either at the office. I can prescribe specific products and patients can order them shipped directly to their homes.

I have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. That means if you are not satisfied with our first visit, I will refund your money. I hold myself to the same standards as an engineer or a good mechanic, and I stand behind my work. 

I do not bill insurance directly.  I will gladly support you in your efforts to receive insurance reimbursement. In 2015, the insurance industry instituted a transition from roughly seven hundred medical diagnoses to nearly seventeen thousand. I fully expect this transition to overwhelm most small medical practices.