In Search Of A Reliable Pharmacy: Where To Buy Drugs?

Online drug stores are becoming more and more popular, and numerous Americans are switching to online drug shopping since it’s a simple, productive, and anonymous way to purchase prescription remedies and over-the-counter meds. While numerous online drug stores are superbly fine, there can be issues and risks with some of them, and it is critical to know whether you are purchasing from a reliable company.

Before you purchase from an online drug store, make sure to see if it is an appropriately authorized. A few associations, including the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PharmacyChecker, and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) check online medication stores. Every one of these associations has a registry which records the drug stores they have endorsed.

But you can do a little bit of research yourself, too. Let’s find out how to choose a reliable online pharmacy that sells genuine drugs and complies with regulations.

What’s the trick with online pharmacies?

There are various potential issues with online drug stores, but you should keep in mind that there are laws to secure you, there are additional constraints to those laws. However, some untrustworthy organizations manage to find a loom in the law.

The FDA, which controls prescription sedatives in the United States, has no opportunity to screen the security and adequacy of imported items. However, you can always check if the products available in store are approved by FDA. Scan the list of any pharmacy store with the sortiment of FDA-approved drug as a reference, you can go with Since sites can spring up in a day and vanish as fast, little can be done if you get fake medications or if you are scammed.

The major problems with online drug stores are:

  • They may sell fake meds.
  • They do not store and transport medications in certain conditions, which might affect the quality of products.
  • They can send you not what you requested.
  • They may sell unapproved drugs.
  • They might sell drugs without a prescription.
  • They may not protect your personal data.

How to avoid scams and unreliable companies?

It is okay to order medications from an online drug store, however not every single online drug store complies with legitimate rules. There are various things that you ought to think about when looking for an online drug store.

Here’s what you should do:

Check with your medical insurance

If your medicines are secured by your medical coverage organization, consider asking your health insurer for the list of affirmed online drug stores, as payers check drug stores before accepting them as providers. On the off chance that a drug store isn’t affirmed by your insurer that does not always mean that the drug store isn’t legal—it just implies that your insurance agency and the drug store don’t have an agreement with one another.

Make sure that the drug store asks for a prescription

Yes, prescriptions are a nuisance, but if an online drug store allows you to order any drug without a prescription, this is an indication that it isn’t legitimate. On the off chance that the drug store gives the possibility to et a prescription via their own physicians, this is not a legal and safe company.

Too low price tags are suspicious

 If you are paying for your prescription medicines yourself, you will need to save money, and it’s a smart idea to shop around. However, if you see a drug store with ridiculously low or high costs, watch out. Better find another place to buy meds.

Ensure the drug store company has a physical location

 If a drug store claims to be in the US or Canada, make sure that there is a certain address in one of those countries, because a P.O. box address is an indication that the drug store isn’t located where the name suggests.

Choose a pharmacy you’ve dealt with

Among others, choose the sites of pharmacies that you have seen or visited in real life. This way, you’ll have no doubt that this is a real pharmacy with legal and actual addresses, licenses, landlines, etc.

Check the conditions

It is generally useful to see what and under what conditions a pharmacy offers. Reliable companies will not sell all the drugs remotely, for which there are restrictions and strict regulations. Another sign that should alerted you is a limited assortment that incldies only serious medications and no over-the-counter additives, such as vitamins, medical devices like tonometers and other necessary trifles (ordinary pharmacies make a serious profit on them, and over-the-counter production makes up for 60% profit )

Take a closer look at medications offered

A reliable pharmacy will not offer medications that require special storage or transportation conditions, because it will be problematic to comply with them during delivery. In those, the rule of pre-order with subsequent redemption in a stationary pharmacy usually applies. This is generally the principle that distinguishes a reliable pharmacy from an illegal one, which is not responsible for anything.

How to check pharmacies? Let associations help you

In addition to the above-mentioned recommendations, you can use a few resources to find a real and authorized drug store. You don’t have to inquire at all of these companies, as they often work together.

Interesting to note: most of these organizations do not confirm the reliability of the majority of Net pharmacies.


The NABP is an expert relationship of the state sheets of the drug store, which are in charge of approving drug specialists and drug stores in the U.S. The NABP has two projects to help you. These incorporate the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program and a procedure of checking sites with the “.pharmacy” in their URL.

In 1999, the NABP built up the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program. The NABP screens the quality in online drug stores in 17 territories, for example, how they fill prescriptions, how they secure customers’ personal data, and how they interact with buyers. You will see the VIPPS seal on the sites of guaranteed organizations and the NABP records VIPPS certify drug stores on their site.

If an online drug store has a .pharmacy domain, or has the VIPPS seal, or is recorded as an affirmed drug store on the NABP or FDA site, it is accredited by these associations.

As indicated by the NABP, 96% of the Internet medication organizations they survey are not complying with state or government guidelines. NABP gives a list of online drug stores that are ‘Not Recommended’.


The NABP partners with the FDA to figure out which online drug stores get the VIPPS seal of approval. Because of this relationship and the way that the NABP speaks to the 50 state boards that permit drug stores, only U.S. organizations can get the VIPPS seal. Non-U.S. drug stores can enter the .Pharmacy program.

The FDA allows users to verify whether a drug store is appropriately authorized.

In the event that you choose to purchase drugs on the web, it is crucial to understand the legitimate issues. As per the FDA, “it is unlawful to import an unapproved medication into the U.S.” and “it is illicit for anybody, including a foreign drug store, to send prescribed medications that are not affirmed by the FDA into the U.S., despite the fact that the medication might be legitimate to sell in that drug store’s nation.”

Canadian Pharmacies — a way out

In some cases, Americans purchase prescriptions from Canada since they might be less expensive. A large number of these drug stores are affirmed by CIPA (official website Notwithstanding, not every online drug store with the name “Canada” is really Canadian. The Canadian government has given admonitions to purchasers and CIPA gives a full rundown of confirmed online drug stores so you can check if a Canadian drug store is approved.


PharmacyChecker is a for-profit organization that “gathers, assesses and reports accreditations, costs and client reviews in regards to drug stores that work on the web.” PharmacyChecker checks both the U.S. also, remote online drugstores, and it gives value correlations with explicit meds alongside evaluations from shoppers dependent on a five-star rating framework. To get the PharmacyChecker “seal of approval,” drug stores must:

  • Distribute their drugs through a drug store that has a permit in the United States, Canada, or other nation acknowledged by PharmacyChecker;
  • Guarantee that the financial data you send online is secure;
  • Guarantee that the therapeutic data you send online is private;
  • Require a unique prescription from a doctor;
  • Give right contact data on its site, including the organization address and telephone number.

Bottom Line

The number of online pharmacies on the web is overwhelming. Given the high price of drugs in brick-and-mortar US pharmacies and ever-growing cost of prescription drugs, it’s not a surprise that many Americans are seeking the ways to save money and find generic analogs.

You are free to monitor the market of online drugstores, but before rushing to make an order and save an extra buck, make sure you’ve found a legal and approved company. It’s not only about money — it’s about your health, too!