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My Canadian Pharmacy has a reputation as one of the most reliable and affordable online pharmacies specializing in men’s health and ED drugs, though we offer a wide range of other products, too. Due to our long-established partnerships with the best suppliers, we can offer the most attractive rates to our customers, as well as sales, discounts, and coupons. However, great prices and high-quality drugs are not all that we offer – we pride ourselves on the experience and professionalism of our team of doctors and pharmacy technicians who work in My Canadian Pharmacy’s customer support department.

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We receive a great number of requests and questions from our clients on a daily basis, and our customer support is available 24/7 to help, explain, and assist. We do not charge anything for such consultations, no matter how long they last, because here at My Canadian Pharmacy we place your health first. To give you an idea of the consultations and advice we provide, we sat down for a little Q&A with one of the doctors on our team, Janine.

Q.: How did you come to work for My Canadian Pharmacy?

A.:  My brother was suffering from erectile dysfunction but did not tell about it to anyone in the family for a long time, until his wife finally left him. He was distraught and shared his troubles with me, since I am a doctor, after all. I promised to help him find a solution, searched on the internet and browsed many pharmacy websites, looked at product pages for generic Viagra, Cialis, and so on. My brother’s budget was a bit limited, so the price of a drug was a factor, too. I was immediately attracted by the My Canadian Pharmacy page, so I contacted their customer support. I was impressed by their professionalism and eventually ordered some generic Viagra for my brother. For him, it was like a miracle cure – a long-standing issue just went away. But I was fascinated by the idea of helping people solve their sexual problems. I was looking for a new job at the time, so on the spur of a moment I sent my CV to My Canadian Pharmacy, and they offered me a job.

Q.: What do your daily duties include?

A.: Of course, communicating with clients takes up the bulk of our time. While most of our customers are regulars who don’t usually need to ask too many questions, it’s those who shop for the first time that contact the customer support most often. In many cases, they are men who are suffering from ED or PE but are not comfortable talking about it with their physician. Many of them do not have time to conduct a thorough search on the Internet – and this can be a good thing, since there are a lot of lies and dishonest sites around. So it’s not uncommon to spend an hour talking to a client.

Apart from that, I spend quite a lot of time working with the purchasing team – they negotiate with the suppliers on prices, but it is my task as a medical professional to find out all the details about the drugs we purchase, especially when a new drug or dosage appears on the market.

Finally, we conduct our own research of the market, follow the latest industry news, and sometimes write for the website, though My Canadian Pharmacy has dedicated medical writers, too.

Q.: You’ve said that My Canadian Pharmacy provides consultations free of charge. Do you think this expense is justified?

A.: Yes of course. I understand what you mean – most pharmacies only provide assistance to those who want to make an order and have trouble paying, for example. My Canadian Pharmacy is different – we want our customers to know that they have a doctor or a pharmacy technician they can really share their situation with, someone who will ask them about their prior medical history and recommend the best drug or dosage. And of course, when a client calls us to report some side effects (which is rare, but it does happen), we need to record that information for our internal statistics. If we see that a certain dosage has a higher prevalence of side effects, we will just pull it from our website. And it’s thanks to our customer support that a lot of customers come back to shop with us again and again.

Q.: Do you sometimes have to tell a client that they should not buy a drug?

A.: Sometimes. Of course, if I tell a client that a certain drug is not right for them, they may leave the website without purchasing anything. But their health is our priority. If a customer tells me he takes nitroglycerine for angina, I will have to tell him that he shouldn’t use Viagra or Cialis, that it’s dangerous (though now there is also Stendra, which is rather safe even for people who take nitrates). Sometimes I realize that a man wants to buy Viagra for recreational purposes, to impress girls after a party. In that case, I have to explain that it’s a bad idea.

Q.: This sounds like a hard job. Do you enjoy it?

A.: Yes, very much. Though the days are long, I get a feeling that I am really helping people. Sometimes they are just desperate, their relationships are destroyed by their ED issue, and Viagra can be a lifesaver. I think it’s wrong that ED or PE are not always seen as serious chronic conditions, as opposed to diabetes, for example. They can be very debilitating and we shouldn’t stigmatize them or make them taboo. They need to be discussed and treated, not joked about. Erectile dysfunction can destroy a man’s self-confidence. In this job, I feel I can give hope to people, and unlike most clinics, we do it for free.

Q.: What would you recommend to users to shop at an online pharmacy for the first time?

A.: Take your time to read and ask questions. Don’t make a rash choice based only on price. Be honest with the customer support technician about your prior medical history. And if I or any of my colleagues tell you to go see a physician and run some tests, do it! Sexual disorders are often a symptom of a serious underlying condition, such as heart disease. So when you call or write to the My Canadian Pharmacy support, don’t be embarrassed to ask all your questions, even if it takes an hour. This is what we are here for.

Maloney Medical and Canadian Pharmacy Review of Generic Viagra Types

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an increasingly common condition that may have wide-ranging consequences on the relationships and self-esteem of those affected. Some estimations count at least 30 million men with erectile dysfunction in the U.S. alone. The worldwide occurrence of ED is projected to grow beyond 322 million men by 2025. Often under-reported, ED is likely a much more frequent health condition.

On the optimistic note, medical management of ED can be very successful, especially with modern class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors known under their brand names Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The most popular of the three, Viagra became a household name in ED treatment.

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In this review, the experts of Smart Canadian Pharmacy will be your guides in the expanding universe of generic Viagra class of drugs. All generic Viagra drugs contain a common active component – sildenafil citrate, a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor with proven ability to deliver outstanding results. It blocks the enzyme PDE5, which hinders the relaxation of smooth muscle tissues.

The variety of generic Viagra medications is quite impressive nowadays, although this can easily overwhelm a patient willing to resolve his ED problem quickly and cost-efficiently.

In the ensuing paragraphs, the experts of Smart Canadian Pharmacy suggest that you take a careful look at innovative forms of generic Viagra that are challenging the reign of classical generic Viagra due to their improved pharmacological characteristics. We will walk you through such types of generic Viagra as Viagra Professional, Viagra Plus, Viagra Super Active+, Viagra Super Force, Viagra Soft Tabs and Viagra Oral Jelly. Select the type of generic Viagra that works for you!

Smart Canadian Pharmacy is a reliable source of quality drugs online, just a click away. Whenever you are hesitating on a type of generic Viagra or any other drug you need, you can easily get expert consultation from a competent in-house pharmacist available at your service around the clock.

Generic Viagra Professional

An enhanced-formula preparation of regular generic Viagra, Viagra Professional is administered orally for the treatment of ED in men, activating the natural blood flow, followed by expansion and hardness in the penis for strong sexual performance. The drug hit the market in the early 2000s, and it immediately gained popularity with patients on a budget looking for a solid alternative to the costlier original Viagra.

Both generic Viagra and Viagra Professional generic share an active ingredient sildenafil citrate. Both pills work their best when not accompanied with excessive alcohol and fatty foods. The administration guidelines are also similar. Yet, there are a few differences:

  • Viagra Professional can be administered in 100 mg dosage (effective in 92% of patients) while the regular dose of classic Viagra is 50 mg;
  • Due to additional inactive ingredients, Viagra Professional has fewer side effects. If the negative reactions ensue, they manifest in a milder way;
  • One pill of generic Viagra Professional delivers an extended restoration of the erectile power – up to 6 hours vs 4 hours with a regular generic Viagra pill;
  • Due to its strong blood circulation activating capabilities, Viagra Professional 100mg can be used in treatment of deceases other than ED (Reynaud`s disorder and pulmonary hypertension, among others).

Find out what Canadian Pharmacy customers think about Viagra Professional:

Viagra Plus

Generic Viagra Plus is an innovative version of the classical generic Viagra. The active working component sildenafil citrate is enhanced with several vitamins and ginseng – a herb historically known for its erection-facilitating and libido-boosting properties.

Viagra Plus enables broad enhancement of the male sexual performance and reproductive health alike. Sildenafil citrate in the low dose of 25 mg acts by boosting the flow of blood to the penis, assisting to gain an erection at a moment of sexual arousal.

Several amino acids and vitamins including Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and L-arginine target the reproductive system and facilitate improvement of the overall health.

The experts of Smart Canadian Pharmacy emphasize that Viagra Plus tablets are the right choice for those ED patients who want to improve both their sexual performance and overall energy level including cognitive function.

Viagra Super Active+

While most generic Viagra types are available as traditional pills, Viagra Super Active Plus comes in the form of soft gelatin tabs that are easier to swallow and faster to get absorbed in the bloodstream. Viagra Super Active+ enables faster effect and allows ED patients to experience extensive response period.

In the list below, the experts of Smart Canadian Pharmacy summarized the benefits of generic Viagra Super Active+:

  • Manufactured in soft gelatin capsule preparation, it starts acting almost instantaneously;
  • Almost immediately dissolved in the bloodstream, the active ingredient (sildenafil citrate 25 mg/ 50 mg /100 mg or 150 mg) affects the nervous system instantly, leaving a patient`s blood vessels dilated;
  • The response period of Viagra Super Active Plus stretches up to 9 hours (vs 4 hours with traditional generic Viagra), letting a patient experience the positive effect over again.

See Other benefits and advantages on product page:

In certain cases, the administration of Viagra Super Active+ must be restricted to one capsule in every 72 hours, warn the experts of Smart Canadian Pharmacy. A patient is advised to consult with his healthcare practitioner regarding the optimal initial dosage of this drug.

Viagra Super Force (Dapoxetine+Sildenafil)

Viagra Super Force is a drug used for treating both ED and Premature Ejaculation. The two active components, sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine are combined in one pill thus eliminating the need for taking two individual pills. The 60 mg dose of dapoxetine counteracts premature ejaculation, while the 100 mg dose of sildenafil citrate helps a patient to keep an erection during sexual endeavor.

Dapoxetine is effectively an antidepressant that belongs to the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Due to rapid absorption and very quick elimination of dapoxetine, it has not been useful as a traditional antidepressant but it has appeared to be perfectly effective in treating premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine improves distress and advances satisfaction with sexual intercourse. The point that dapoxetine gets quickly absorbed and then removed in a few hours makes it ideal for the time frame of sexual interaction.

Viagra Super Force must be taken about 60 minutes in advance of sexual activity. Sildenafil citrate will boost the blood flow in the pelvic area and it will work when the man is sexually aroused. The powerful mixture of dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate gives patients a chance for a much longer, stronger, harder and stiffer erection throughout their sexual activity.

The team of Canadian Pharmacy advise not to take Viagra Super Force on every-day basis as it can lead to developing addiction to dapoxetine.

Viagra Soft Tabs

Viagra Soft Tabs are oral chewable tablets that contain rapidly dissolving compounds. As with the regular generic Viagra, the active ingredient of generic Viagra Soft Tabs is sildenafil citrate, which stimulates the natural erection progression by soothing the penile smooth muscles and dilating the arteries. Dilated pelvic arteries fill with blood, making corpora cavernosa expand, thus making the penis erect in the natural way.

The chewable Viagra Soft Tabs generic formulation delivers a similar level of effectiveness and endurance as classical Viagra. On the other hand, since generic Viagra Soft Tabs are quickly absorbed directly into the blood circulation, their effectiveness slightly surges and they demonstrate a speedier onset of action. Compared to classical Viagra, Viagra Soft Tabs decrease the starting time from 30 minutes to 15-19 minutes with the effective action period of 5 to 6 hours on average, and at least 3 hours, per dose. Generic Viagra Soft Tabs can start working only if a patient is sexually stimulated.

The drug is manufactured in a form of a diamond shape tablets. A package usually holds 20, 50 or 90 tabs with Viagra Soft Tabs 100mg of sildenafil citrate contained in every tab. The soft tabs formulation allows a patient not to worry about the restriction on eating heavy foods before taking the drugs.

Viagra Oral Jelly

Sachets with liquid drugs are increasingly popular due to their high convenience factor and fast onset of action. Generic Viagra Oral Jelly is a real salvation for ED patients who have hard times swallowing the pills due to certain physical disorders. Some people do not tolerate pills because they simply do not like the sensations while taking them. With generic Viagra Oral Jelly, a particularly sensitive patient can choose one of many different flavors, making the drug exceptionally comfortable to swallow.

Viagra Oral Jelly (sometimes known as Kamagra Viagra Oral Jelly) should be taken 30 minutes in advance of the intended sexual interaction. A patient can take Viagra Oral jelly either by squeezing the medication directly into a mouth or by pouring it into a spoon first. Most patients find it handy to take the jelly using a spoon. Let the jelly dissolve in your mouth before swallowing it. You can choose to consume the drug with or without water. Also, it is okay to mix the jelly drug with whatever drinks you want, except for alcohol so that its effectiveness is not decreased. A patient must also avoid fatty foods while taking Viagra Oral Jelly since they might hinder the action of the drug’s active ingredient.

The jelly drug continues to work for up to 4 hours, just as classical generic Viagra does, and during this interval a patient has an opportunity to achieve multiple reliable erections. Since the absorption of any medication is faster when it is administered in its liquid form, the peak concentration of the medicine in the blood is reached considerably faster.

The team of Smart Canadian Pharmacy emphasize that liquid drugs have softer impact on human organism minimizing the possibility and magnitude of side effects when compared to the usage of regular tablets. Also, the list of contraindications and potential drugs interactions is usually shorter for liquid drugs than that for their tablet analogues.

As you see, generic Viagra Oral Jelly offers a less harsh and faster impact while offering a similar action time when you can reach erections. Each Viagra Oral Jelly sachet delivers the same dosage and offers the same ingredients as its pill counterpart. It entirely replicates all the characteristics of the classical Viagra, generic or branded.

Generic Viagra Oral jelly is available with the content of sildenafil citrate of either 25 mg or 100 mg. The recommended initial dosage is 50 mg, which is sufficient for achieving desired results for most ED patients. If the anticipated effect is not realized, the dosage can be doubled up to Viagra Oral Jelly 100 mg per day. It is smart to discuss the dosage modification with your healthcare practitioner first. In many cases, even 25 mg of sildenafil citrate is a sufficient dose for developing a proper erection and increasing sensitivity.

Switching between doses and formulations for achieving result

ED patients using any of the above-mentioned types of generic Viagra for the first time may not attain the precise kind of success they have hoped for. It might take time and a few tries to get accustomed to sildenafil citrate and to squeeze the most of it. If you had tried one of the types of generic Viagra discussed in this article a couple of times without achieving success, Smart Canadian Pharmacy advise to switch to another dose or type of formulation, ideally using the guidance from your doctor or utilizing free customer consultation service at Smart Canadian Pharmacy.

Precautions for using any type of generic Viagra

Do not forget to consult with your physician before taking any type of generic Viagra discussed in the previous paragraphs in the following cases:

  • you are currently taking any nitrate-containing medicines or amyl nitrite;
  • you have a history of allergic reactions to any medications;
  • you have heart or blood vessel disorders, blood system cancers, or a history of strokes;
  • you have a penis conditions including malformation, fibrosis or scarring, or a history of priapism;
  • you have diabetes;
  • you have vision problems, especially retina diseases;
  • you have kidney or liver disorders