When Can We Meet?


I am currently on leave from clinical practice indefinitely while I focus on providing the most value in and from my life. Please contact another N.D. via the MAND website. 

Before my leave, I was not accepting new patients unless you were directly referred from a current patient (family, dear friends, and loved ones). If you would like to appeal this decision, email me with your request to be seen. Here’s what I’m looking for in a new patient (Are we a good fit?). My scheduling is limited by the fact that I dedicate myself to individualizing treatment for each patient/client, and because I spend an enormous amount of time researching each case.

Appointment times have changed, and are flexible. Schedule for the time you need, as long as you need. If you are a new patient, you want to schedule for two hours or even longer. A short returning patient might only want a half-hour. Most returning patients will want to schedule and plan for an hour and a half. 

When you see an appointment you want, email me (or text my email) at maloneynd@gmail.com. I will email you back confirmation. The schedule below is set in pencil, not in stone. If you don’t see an appointment you want, email me with a request for your available times. Remember, I work for you.